about us

Rita Andringa and Filipe Rocha are two food lovers that happen to love each other.

They work well together. In life and in the kitchen. She's the creative mind and he is the hard worker!

Without any particular training, their approach to food is quite simple. It has to be nutritious, and delicious!

It became obvious to them that they had to share with others what they have been sharing with friends for a long time. The love for food. And then one day in a very natural way, the idea of The Invaders came up: Rita and Filipe, taking themselves to everyone that would have them.

In a very unpretentious fashion they will appear at your place, invading your kitchen and fixing a meal, while you can indulge in any other serious matter until sitting down to enjoy the best dining in town. In your own home.

This is the aim - to invade! To invade your kitchen, your heart, and hopefully, to return for future invasions. To you, to your family and friends.

Here they are, invading, from mars and from venus.